Testimonial: Lynn C.

We love hearing from our patients! Here’s what Lynn C. had to say:

To Dr. Bold’s Office,

After learning that a few optometrist’s charged additional fees for retraction (I didn’t even know what retraction was!), I called Dr. Bold’s office and learned that not only does Dr. Bold not charge any additional fees, these other offices were wrongfully doing so per my VSP insurance. I was pleased to have found a less expensive office, but I was ecstatic when I walked through the door and was greeted by two friendly faces, a professional, yet comfortable office and I was quickly escorted back to see the doctor (no lines, no wait time!).

After a Dr. Bold’s thorough examination, explaining things to me in plain English, assuring I understood what he was doing and what he recommended, and getting to know my personal situation, I felt that Dr. Bold had been my personal doctor for years. He was competent, friendly, detailed, personable… I couldn’t ask for anything more!

Once I began looking at frames, I was guided through the process with ease by Dr. Bold’s very capable, welcoming and knowledgeable assistant. She assisted me with choosing a frame, explained my insurance coverage clearly, and when I expressed concern about contacting my insurance about coverage she quickly offered to contact them for me and follow up with me afterward (which she did within a day). I will absolutely return to Dr. Bold and I’ll certainly recommend him and his office to friends and family.

Lynn C.

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