Take Care of Your Eyes

dr_bold_eyeIn the eye care business, we frequently hear our patients downplay the importance of contact lenses maintenance and scheduled replacement:

  • “I know I’m not supposed to sleep in my contacts, but… it happens.”
  • “My contacts are scheduled replacement lenses; I should change them every two weeks, but… I feel like they’re fine for another week. They just want me to buy more contacts. Plus, they feel fine.”
  • “By the time I’m ready to take my contacts out, I’m ready to just fall into bed. And when I wake up, I need to get ready quickly. So maybe I don’t always clean my contact lenses like I used to… I can use eye-drops when they’re bothering me.”Firstly, we need to remember that our eyes are the most complex organs in our bodies next to the brain, accounting for about 80% of the sensory information our brain receives in a day. Secondly, contact lenses are medical devices. You wouldn’t forget to take your medication properly if you had a neurological disorder? Or neglect blood sugar monitoring if you were a diabetic, would you?

Failing to follow your optometrist or optometric assistant’s prescription could have negative effects on your eye health:

  • Dry eyes
  • Hypoxia- a lack of oxygen causing the cornea to swell
  • Bacterial Infections
  • Giant Papilary Conjunctiva – this may be one of the scariest in my opinion
  • Inflammation of the cornea and/or lids
  • Corneal ulcers

Please, do not override your professional’s recommendations for wear and cleaning. Those recommendations are there to protect you and your eyes.

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